Senior Companion Program

Senior Companion Program
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Are you one of the millions of Americans who looked forward to retirement with great anticipation, only to discover that something was missing?

If so, why not consider volunteering as a way of enriching your life? At the same time, you could be giving a homebound individual a new friend and the opportunity to thrive.

The Senior Companion Program will match you with a homebound senior or an adult with a disability that you can help. You might assist in a number of different ways, from simply providing companionship and support to running errands, accompanying them to the grocery store or doctor appointments, or providing respite for their family caregiver. The possibilities are as diverse as the people we serve.

If you are interested in being a Senior Companion or having a volunteer come into your family member's home, call Heather Sunday-Hixson, (918) 664-9000, ext. 286 or email to find out more.

You can also fill out a Volunteer Application form online or download the PDF format.

Senior Companions are caring volunteers, age 55 or older, who:

  • Make a real difference in someone's life
  • Help someone continue to live and thrive at home
  • Volunteer between 15 and 40 hours a week (or whatever you are willing to give) Mon.-Fri.,
    8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Receive a tax-free stipend for your time (if you meet income guidelines)

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