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Whether you have a simple question about aging services or a complicated family situation, SeniorLine is the first place to call. LIFE's SeniorLine staff is specially trained in aging issues, caregiver concerns, and resources and services for older adults in northeastern Oklahoma. We'll listen to your story, ask pertinent questions, and counsel with you about resources and services that may help.

SeniorLine provides comprehensive and unbiased information, resource counseling, referrals and assistance accessing appropriate services. We can visit by phone or we'll be happy to schedule a time to meet face-to-face.

Often families contact us when they face difficult decisions after a health crisis or when it's time for their loved one to discharge from the hospital. We also receive calls when families are anxious about a loved one's safety or their ability to take care of themselves. Frequently, the call is about concerns resulting from dementia or Alzheimer's disease.

For these more complicated situations, we may offer to provide a case manager to walk with you through the crisis. LIFE case managers are specially trained to work closely with individuals to identify needs, develop a personalized care plan, and arrange for day, home or community services to address those needs and stabilize the situation.

Call SeniorLine at (918) 664-9000 or email info@LIFEseniorservices.org.

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