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Gift Ideas for Seniors

Here we are again, the holiday season.  It’s a beautiful time of year with so many reasons to be thankful and happy.  Then, there’s the gift giving.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I love giving gifts, way more than I like getting them.  But, what to buy?
I’ve always thought that men were the hardest people to buy for but these days I realize that seniors are just as complicated.  First, if you ask them what they want they say things like, “I just want everyone to get together,” or “Gifts aren’t what’s important…”.  Helpful, right?
So, I did a little searching and came up with some unique gifts for seniors that they will enjoy and will also help them maintain their independence.

Happy, Happy Holidays!
Grace Burke, Director
LIFE’s Adult Day Services


Medication Reminders
One of the difficult everyday tasks many seniors face is remembering to take their medications.  There are quite a few options for this from watches that vibrate or talk to you when you should take your medication, a cap that fits right on a standard med bottle that lights up or beeps when your medication is due, all the way up to a small machine that will actually dispense a medication when it is scheduled to be taken.  This system can actually track whether a person routinely takes the medication when it is available and call a family member when the senior has not taken the medication on time.
The Swing Door Opener
www.skylinkhome.com or www.smarthomeusa.com
With the press of a button on a remote control, this automatic door opener makes it easier and safer for individuals using a walker or in a wheelchair to get through almost any kind of door.
InTouchLink and PointerWare
www.intouchlink.com and www.pointerware.com
These are simplified computer software packages that give seniors access to simple email, internet, photos, calendars and other computer functions.
Mailbug is a keyboard with a display that is used to send and receive e-mails.  What’s so special?  You don’t need a computer, you just type!
Presto Printing Mailbox
This is a simple way for you to stay connected with a family member who does not want anything to do with a computer.  Your e-mails are delivered directly to their printer, transformed into full color e-letters. 

Music for Health
Most people love music and benefit from it in many ways. It’s easy enough to get an iPod or other mp3 player but there are no songs on them.  How do you get your family member’s favorite songs on there?  How do you figure out which songs might be the ‘right’ songs?  The Institute for Music and Neurologic Function has developed a program called  ‘Well-Tuned: Music Players for Health Program’.  You buy the  player, send it to them with specific information about your family member and they will load the player with all the right tunes!  Priceless!
Best Cell Phones for Seniors
Cell phones have gotten really complicated these days and, for many, require a mile-long learning curve.  Well, some folks don’t want special features including internet access with e-mail and texting (it’s true!!).  I located an article on-line that compared the 5 best cell phones for seniors.  The top 5 cited include the Snapfon Ez One, Doro 410, Samsung Jitterbug, Nokia C2-01.5 and Samsung Galaxy Note.  Each one boasts different features so it’s best to decide what your family member needs (large keys, loud volume, an easy SOS feature, no contract, etc.) and find the phone that best meets those needs.

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